We strive to be the best we can be.  We are thankful for everyone who hears about us and decides to come here with their families to play and pretend.  Our concept is based on ADULTS and CHILDREN playing TOGETHER. We feel that once you are here, you will understand the concept and will enjoy yourselves.  IF you are playing together, you are playing safely, and that’s what we want!

We are NOT a “state of the art” state funded museum.  Everything that is here is intentional and part of the concept of Let’s Pretend. We believe in recycling and upcycling. We are very proud of our DIY appearance and feel it all goes well together.  We also have found that 95% of the people that visit here enjoy the nostalgia and details we have incorporated into our dream.  It IS our dream and we work very hard to maintain a clean, safe, fun environment for EVERYONE.  There are going to be days we are super busy and it is really messy here – you have to be okay with that!  At the end of everyday, we put everything away, vacuum, sanitize and fix things that can be fixed.  Our building is 40 years old and is not newly renovated.  We do not own the building and therefore cannot change some things – YET!  Please be understanding of this and know that we strive to keep it CLEAN and safe for you.  Please try it out first and then if you are here and find something that we can “help” let us know – we will!  Please don’t ever leave Let’s Pretend feeling we could have made your experience better but you didn’t tell us!  We value our Pretenders and will improve in any way we are ABLE!  (key word: ABLE).

People leave their belongings here all the time.  We keep them for awhile and then we donate them to the area thrift shop.  If you feel you have left something here, please call us and we will hold it for you until you can come to get it. We usually donate items every 3 months.  Many times we will post pictures on Facebook of our daily findings!

Please do NOT come here with the idea that you will hold a birthday party while we are open for public play sessions.  We will NOT allow this. If you come in with cake/cupcakes/gifts, etc.,  we will shut you down.  This is not okay to do.  It is NOT fair to the people who are here playing because it is very awkward to have people taking up the back area with food and cake and presents. Little children do not understand that they cannot join the party. Also, it is not fair to other Pretenders that have had, or are going to have a party the “standard” way. We offer private parties when we are CLOSED to the public.  Parties must be reserved ahead of time and we offer so much to you when you do reserve a party that we don’t understand why anyone wouldn’t want to take advantage of  having a REAL  Let’s Pretend party.