We provide tablecloths and paper products for the CHILDREN's tables in any theme you choose. We will customize themes and colors to fit YOUR likes! This party was Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. The parents brought in the tree. You can provide extra props for your parties and we will decorate for you!

We provide tablecloths and paper products for the CHILDREN’s tables in any theme you choose. We will customize themes and colors to fit YOUR likes! This party was Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. The parents brought in the tree. You can provide extra props for your parties and we will decorate for you!

Types of Birthday Parties

We have two types of Birthday parties:

Remember:  ALL parties are PRIVATE.  Y ou and your guests have Let’s Pretend ALL to yourselves.  NOT just a party room for a half hour, but the whole place for TWO hours!

  • You can purchase a party package that Let’s Pretend provides the pizza and juice boxes for the children. We use a local pizza shop for the pizza and we purchase Capri Sun 100% Juice, Juice Boxes.  All of the children’s paper products are included in this package (Pizza plates, cake plates, napkins, utensils)
  •  You can purchase a party package that allows YOU to  bring all of your own food.  You can bring anything you like to provide food for your guests.  We will still provide the paper products for the children in ALMOST any theme you choose.

Party Package Pricing

Party Prices are based on the number of children SITTING at the table for food and cake, using the paper products.  Typically we would not count hand held infants or children older than 12 (not WANTING to sit at the kids’ table).

There are 3 different levels of pricing based on the number of children:

  • Up to 8 children
  • Up to 16 children
  • over 16 children

So, when you call us, you would want to know about how many children will be attending and whether you are getting a pizza/juice party or if you’re bringing your own food.

  • up to 8 children, BRING your own food, $199.00
  • Up to 16 children, WITH pizza and juice boxes, $269.00
  • Up to 16 children, BRING your own food, $239.00
  • OVER 16 children, $5.00 extra per child, on top of base price.

For both types of parties, Let’s Pretend will provide the themed paper products for the CHILDREN.

We have also included a helpful chart on the Party Package page.

You will need to bring:  Paper products for the adults (plates, napkins), utensils, food and drink,  the cake, candles, cake serving utensils, and something to light the candles.  We will also explain all of this to you when you make your reservation.

Party Points to Remember

Let’s Pretend does NOT charge extra for adults that attend your party. (Which is different than coming to play during public play times). You may have as many adults as you like at your child’s party, but you are responsible for their food, drink, paper products, and utensils.

When we ask you about the number of children you will have at your party, we realize that this will begin as an estimate.  Seldom can anyone accurately predict the total number coming to the party.  We are asking for a range so that we can purchase the CHILDREN’S party supplies (plates, napkins, etc).  It is not helpful to anyone to overestimate or underestimate the numbers.  If you tell us 7 children, but you actually are inviting 16 but you feel that they won’t all show up, we are only going to purchase for the UP TO 8 range. Then the day of the party, you will have children that show up that will not receive the same plates as the others.  Conversely, if you tell us 20 children, but only 6 RSVP, and you don’t tell us that before the party, we are going to set up for 20, and once we have opened all of the supplies, and have set them out on the table, you will have to pay for that party.  So, the best thing you can do is try to be realistic about how many you are inviting and expect they will show AND most importantly, tell us during the week before the party what your numbers look like.  We WANT all of the children to have everything we provide and we like to be prepared for your party and not be caught off guard.

When we say you can choose ANY theme you like, we mean themes that are available in pre-made party supplies.  There are SO MANY themes to choose from in already made plates, napkins, etc.  If you are looking to have an obscure theme that is NOT available, we will suggest you change it because we do NOT have the time to create  Pinterest parties. Please keep in mind that most places that have children’s birthday parties do NOT give you a choice in theme.  You get generic plates and decorations. We are giving you the ability to have a theme of your choice, so try to choose something that is actually available. Most children have MANY favorite shows and characters.

Let’s Pretend will do the set up and clean up for your party. Set up includes putting tablecloths on all of the tables, setting the children’s table(s) with their paper products and utensils, and hanging matching streamers and balloons in the party area. You may have other decorations, such as banners, centerpieces and helium balloons. We do NOT HAVE HELIUM.   Please do NOT use confetti or scatter.

You may arrive for your party 15 minutes before your party – PLEASE do not come earlier than that.  We work very hard to make sure your party area is ready for you and are not able to provide a quality product for you if you have already arrived and you are already setting up your belongings and your children are playing in the areas we are trying to prepare. Most days, we will have the doors locked until the 15 minute mark – it is for YOU that we do this, and we hope you can understand our reasoning.

We will not allow your guests to come into the party area if you have not arrived yet. We feel the hosts should be able to see their “party ready” area before anyone else.

It is always best to ask most of your party related questions directly to us. We will answer you via email and Facebook, but there is so much to tell you that it is easiest to do this over the phone.  Call us – we will help you!  717 616-8426.

Parties must start and end on time.  If you have the first party on a Saturday, chances are we have another party after you and need to clean up and re set for the next party.  Please be courteous and have your guests departing at 4:00  If you have the 2nd party of the day, chances are we have been there ALL DAY and may have other obligations to attend to after your party ends. If your party goes over the two hour mark, we reserve the right to charge extra for that time at a rate of $1  a minute.  While your party is precious to us, so is OUR time.  We don’t WANT to do this, but feel we have to have this safeguard in  place.

All parties are 2 hours in length.  That really is adequate time for a child’s party.  You can have a party that is longer than 2 hours, but this must be reserved PRIOR to the day of your party. If you reserve extra time (may not be possible on Saturday 2:00 party), prior to the day of your party, it is $75 for an extra 30 minutes and $150 extra for an hour.

Did we mention, all parties are PRIVATE?  We do not want to become a party factory.  We do not have parties during our regular play hours – simple as that.  We will not allow people to come in during our regular play hours with cake, gifts, etc.  Please do NOT try to have a little party while you are here playing during our regular play times.  We will shut you down if we see gifts, cake, etc. It is not fair to other people who may be playing here or coming in to play.

Parties are NOT meant to be a “free for all”  – We WANT everyone to enjoy themselves, of course.  We understand that parents need this time to have some adult interaction and the children play hard for the two hours. What we CANNOT understand is letting children be purposely destructive. We reserve the right to ask children to be supervised, and to NOT allow children to do things that could be potentially hurtful to themselves or others, or destructive to our materials/property. Everyone can have a great time without being destructive. We reserve the right to charge extra if items get broken as a result of being unsupervised. We know things wear out and get broken, that is NOT the same as being destructive and purposely breaking things.

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