The best way to find out additional information about Let’s Pretend is to call us 717 616-8426.


Hours are:  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday – 9am to 3pm.  Saturday 9am – 1pm. Last admission is always one hour before the posted closing time.  If no one is here playing at that time, we will close for the day.

Admission is $7 PER PERSON.  (We have a whole write up about this.) Yes, it includes adults.  There is NO TIME  LIMIT, so if you come on a Saturday at 9am and stay until we close at 1pm, that is a GREAT DEAL.  We do NOT offer a cheaper rate if you show up an hour before we close.  We feel that we have our hours posted everywhere, and offer many play sessions throughout the week.  You should try to plan a time when you can spend more than an hour. The reason we close earlier in the day is because we have to pay attention to the “trends” and people with young children are NOT usually coming back out to play once they have gotten home from work, school and child care.  We open at 9 because children typically are early risers and YOU NEED to get them out of the house…….EARLY!!! We close early on Saturday because we wanted to open earlier and offer TWO party times which helps a lot of people with their partying needs, and everyone can be back home relatively early in the evening.  We are NOW closed on Sundays because MORE people wanted to have BIRTHDAY parties than wanted to come to play.  Sunday has been our lowest attendance day since we have opened.  Now we can offer  TWO parties on Sundays, instead of 1!  HAPPINESS for everyone.  We LOVE doing birthday parties, so it doesn’t matter if we have to do parties on Sundays, but if we don’t have any scheduled, we get to be at home with our family!

Parties will be 2 to 4pm and 5 to 7pm on Saturdays and  Sundays, 12 to 2 and 3 to 5pm.

You can also email us and send us a facebook message. We are pretty good about answering questions in a timely manner!

This website is loaded with information, but if you cannot find an answer, PLEASE contact us!

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