Admission is $7.00 per person.  This does mean adults, too.  Everyone is $7.00. The CONCEPT, which you can read about on our ABOUT page IS that adults and children are playing together. This is NOT just a place to bring the kids , it is intended to foster learning, making memories and having fun together.  It is an EXPERIENCE. There is plenty of room for both adults and children to play together.

EFFECTIVE SEPTEMBER 1ST, 2019  We are changing  a tiny little bit…..We will be offering the  $7/$10 split.  This means nothing for MOST  Pretenders but it will be slightly different for others.  The $7/$10 split simply means that it will STILL be $7 per person staying for up to two hours.  If you want to stay longer than 2 hours, it will cost $10 per person.  We have found that MOST people only stay for TWO hours anyway, but those that want to stay all day will pay a little bit more per person to do that. We will keep track of this here. No need for you  to worry about this. We will still allow you to bring snacks and lunches, and we will still offer Parent Passes (parents pay ONCE for the year).  We have had the same admission price since 2012, when we first opened. We have been encouraged to raise our prices over the years, but we never changed the admission.  So, instead of us changing the everyday admission to $9 or $10 per person, we are going to try the $7/$10 split for awhile and see if this satisfies both our PRETENDERS and our REAL accountants. This change will go into EFFECT September 1, 2019 and we will reexamine this strategy at the end of the year.  If it seems to be working well, we will continue it.  If it does not seem to be a positive change, we will implement an admission price increase effective January 1st, 2020.

We definitely UNDERSTAND how expensive it can be to take the family out for the day – We have 4 children.  We DEFINITELY understand…..this is why we haven’t changed the admission price in 7 years. Our new location is GREAT….it’s BRIGHTER, BIGGER, NEWER and more CONVENIENT ……and more expensive.  We WANT to be around for years to come, so please understand  our position  and that we have our PRETENDERS in mind – ALWAYS!

Please do NOT come in and say “I am not playing with my children” – You know ahead of time the way Let’s Pretend works and it will not reduce the cost of admission to say you are NOT playing with the children you brought. Also, do not compare us to other places that do NOT charge for adults. There is NOTHING just like us out there, and if there is, they definitely charge for adults, and YOU might not even really be able to play.  You are also NOT paying to supervise your children. You are paying to share in the experience with the children.  They can learn so much from the adults in their lives.  This is why we have included nostalgia in the details of our play spaces.

Only children under 1 year, or children that are not yet walking are free.
Military personnel  with ID are FREE, just the one who served, not the entire group or family.
There is no rate reduction if you come later in the day. The last admission is 1 hour before we close. So, during the week, that is 2pm sharp. We don’t want to charge people for less than an hour…, we just don’t let you come in for less than 1 hour. If NO ONE is here at that 1 hour mark, we will just clean up and close for the day. (Electricity is expensive) We encourage everyone to plan their visit and to allow at LEAST an hour and half to play.

One year olds that are walking are $7.00

Two year olds , Three year olds and Four Year olds are $7.00.

Five year olds, Six year olds, and Seven Year olds are $7.00

Parents and Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Nannies are $7.00

Everyone is $7.00

It’s just easier that way!

Remember: This is not a day care or a drop off place.  The concept is that adults and children are playing together, which can be a very rich experience for everyone. Please do not come in and act surprised that there is a charge for adults.  It has been this way since day one and because it is based on the “play together” concept, it will most likely remain that way. We feel that the fact that you can pay your admission and stay ALL day on one price AND you can bring outside food into our facility, is well worth it. We also have coupons for a BOGO in the Kids’ Coupon Book and in the Entertainment Book.  We offer a Parent Pass (ask for details) and offer other ways to save during the year.

Hours are:  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday – 9am to 3pm.  Saturdays 9am – 1pm.  We are CLOSED Wednesday and Sunday (except for RESERVED parties and/or GROUP events).

The last admission on any day is one hour before our posted closing time.  If no one is playing at that time, we will close for the day.