Let’s Pretend can accommodate many types of special events and field trips. If you have a large group (over 10 people over the age of 1), you qualify for our LARGE GROUP discount. ($5 per person). Large groups can come any day of the week! We ask that you reserve your day with us by calling at least 24 hours ahead of time. WE recommend reserving as soon as you know when you would like to come. We get many child care centers, Mom’s Groups, preschools, kindergarten classes and summer camps coming into Let’s Pretend. We like to announce a large group on Facebook ahead of time to prevent Let’s Pretend from getting too crowded. We will not book two groups at a time.  If you have not made a reservation with us (speaking to us), then you run the risk of being turned away that day, if we already have a large group WITH a reservation.

You can reserve any day of the week. We are closed on Wednesdays, but WILL OPEN for preschools, schools, camps, and child care centers (if you will have over 25 people). IF you reserve a Wednesday, you MUST have a minimum of 25 people arrive that day.  If you come here that day with less than 25, you will be charged for 25 people anyway.  Wednesday is the ONLY day we are closed with no parties.  We NEED our 1 day off a week to recharge and replenish.
You need to call us by Monday afternoon of that week to see if your group can come in that Wednesday.

Groups that come on Wednesday will have a time limit of 2 hours.
If you are unsure if your group qualifies for Wednesdays – just call! 717-616-8426

Again, LARGE GROUPS can come ANY DAY we are already open, you are not limited to Wednesdays, but we will try to accommodate some large groups that don’t meet as often by opening on Wednesdays. This is not recommended for Mom’s Groups as they often are not sure how many are actually coming that day and you MUST have 25 or more to reserve a Wednesday.

Large group discount cannot be used with any other discounts or vouchers.