During the first week of May, Let’s Pretend will be moving into our new location at 320 W.Main Street in the Westporte Plaza. We will have ample parking, nearby eating establishments. In fact, in the very same plaza, there is The Hop Yard, a pizza shop, a Chinese restaurant and Hardee’s. We will be in the same plaza as the Post Office an AT&T store, and a Wells Fargo Bank. We will be exactly ONE mile from the airport Connector/283. We are also near the Penn State Harrisburg campus, a Sheetz, the Sharp Shopper grocery outlet, a CVS, and other grocery stores and eating establishments. (nearby, not in the same plaza).

We HOPE to be able to continue to offer the same type of play and our concept, but we want to take it to the next level. Please join us in supporting Let’s Pretend in this move to a larger, newer, more modern and accessible space.

We have started a GoFundMe page….not because we are greedy and want money for nothing, but because of the timing of this move, we have a ton to do in a short amount of time. For everyone that donates, you will receive free passes to the new place when we open. We just need “liquid assets” to purchase everything we need to get this move accomplished without getting loans and we don’t have time to apply for grants.
We will be adding a new play area, a dedicated large group/party area AND we will have TWO restrooms instead of only 1! We are already trying to set up new utility accounts (with required deposits) and are purchasing new materials to supplement the existing ones and replacing some items that have seen better days. Because we are huge fans of detail and nostalgia, we will be needing to research and locate some new items. We are adding a working cash register to Griff’s All American Diner, additional grocery carts for Grayson’s Corner Grocery, a new counter for Dr. Lamb’s Animal Hospital, and MORE costumes, shoes and accessories for dress up. Up front, we will have MORE cubbies/hooks to place your personal belongings. We will have the same play areas but they will be in a different order. WE are so excited about the improvements we will be able to offer our PRETENDERS in our new space. We hope you will join us in the KEEPING THE DREAM ALIVE!