The concept behind Let’s Pretend is for children and adults to play TOGETHER.  If you are playing together, you are naturally supervising your child.  We understand wanting to just “let the kids play” and be able to think and talk to other adults… but we ask that you are at least watching them, or are in the same area as they are.  Playing IS messy, noisy, and fun.  Playing should not be hurtful or destructive. This is not intended to be a “free for all”  and when people have the idea that it is, children are learning bad habits and ideas about respect for others.   Destroying our materials or property is not ok and will not be tolerated.  If we see children being willfully destructive, we will politely ask them to stop the behavior, which is usually all we NEED to do, but if it should continue, and property is getting broken as a result, we reserve the right to charge the adult to replace the item. We definitely DO NOT want to do that, but unfortunately we have had this situation occur (usually at birthday parties and large groups), and we have to protect ourselves and customers that do NOT allow their children to be destructive.

Children MUST be accompanied to the restroom.   Unfortunately, we have had to add this point as we have found lately that unaccompanied children are making unsanitary messes – We will just leave it at that.  Supervised children would not do this.

Also, if you find something to be broken, please bring it to our attention.  There is a difference between items breaking by accident and by destructive behavior.  We will NOT assume you are responsible and charge you.  In fact, most often we will NOT charge people for broken items UNLESS we KNOW for a fact that it was a result of willful destructive behavior/lack of supervision.

We strive really hard to keep this a safe and fun place to play.  We do not want to become “museum-ish” with” DO NOT DO THIS” signs up everywhere.  We want you to play and use your imaginations all day while making great memories together. Please use common sense about what is PLAY and what is being disrespectful or destructive. We dislike having to say this. We want the focus to be on pretending, imagination, and good times, NOT rules and doom and gloom!