There is no time limit within a day of business. You may arrive at 9am and stay until 3pm. You can leave at 11 and come back by 2pm.  On Saturdays , we are open for 4 hours – you can stay the whole time! The LAST admission allowed IN on any given day is 1 hour before closing.  If we close at 1pm(Saturday), we will let new people arrive up until 12pm SHARP.  On weekdays, new Pretenders or even returning-from-lunch Pretenders need to be here at 2pm SHARP.  If no one is here at the 1 hour before closing “mark” we will close for the day.  We do NOT offer a different admission price for later admissions.  Please allow yourself at least an hour to play, but the average family typically stays for 2 hours.

If you are part of a LARGE GROUP (10 or more Pretenders, receiving the LARGE GROUP discount), then you ARE limited to a two hour time limit.  If you are a Mom’s Group, or another special interest group, and you make a reservation, then you are considered a LARGE group and you will be held to the two hour limit.  If you do NOT want to be limited to two hours, than you will not receive the LARGE GROUP discount.

If you are a parent that is attending with your children, that is part of a “school” field trip, you are receiving the Large group discount and you will also be limited to two hours.  You may not come earlier than your group or stay later than the group/field trip.