The daily admission to play at Let’s Pretend is $7 per person.  This DOES include adults as the concept of Let’s Pretend is that adults and children are playing TOGETHER.

You are NOT paying to supervise your child.  You are paying to enjoy the space and materials we have provided. In the grand scheme of things, $7 is super cheap considering the expenses we have here.  If you are still totally offended by the fact that we charge for adults, then find a coupon out there, and you can consider yourself FREE.

You may think that “other places don’t charge for adults”  –  We would say, “Tell us which places those are”  and nine out of ten times, it is NOT the same type of place as Let’s Pretend.   Again, the concept is, Adults and Children will play TOGETHER, because that is where learning begins and intergenerational groups are rich in learning experiences.

Sure, you might bring children along that want to play with other children and don’t necessarily NEED you to hover over them while they play, but we seriously doubt that any child will pass up the invitation from an adult to “Take my order in the diner” or  “Let’s put on a show together” or ” Would you like to paint with me?”  or even “Let’s Pretend we are veterinarians.”


Children under 1 are FREE

Children that do not walk yet are FREE.

There is no time limit with your admission price.  (except for large groups). You can arrive when we open, and stay till we close on that SAME $7 per person.  You may bring in snacks and lunch so you don’t have to leave to go eat.  That’s a pretty good deal.  * Note: If you come as a large group, 10 people or more, and you are receiving the large group discount, you are bound to the 2 hour limit.*

We accept Visa, Discover and MasterCard, debit cards and cash.  We do NOT accept American Express or EBT cards. We accept checks ONLY for party deposits, large groups and party balances.

Party deposits are $50. They are only refundable on a case by case basis.