Large groups are encouraged to call ahead for reservations. We want to make sure that EVERYONE who comes to Pretend has an enjoyable time. We do not want it to be too crowded and chaotic here. We have not turned people away, YET, but two groups of 30+ people at the same time is a lot.

Call us at 616-8426 to make your group’s reservation. We will put your reservation on our calendar and then we announce these groups on Facebook in an effort to eliminate large crowds from coming in on the same day as a large group!

Large groups of 20 plus people are limited to a 2 hour stay. We find after 2 hours, most of the children are finished playing and the adults are finished supervising and it becomes chaotic for everyone. If you are part of a LARGE GROUP, you may not come earlier than the rest of the group, or stay later than the group.

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