We host birthday parties for all groups and ages.  Click here for details and schedule your upcoming party today!


We can accommodate for field trips or other special events.  Click here for reservation info.


We offer a variety of discounts through Facebook and more.  Read all about them here.


We can’t wait to hear from you.  Contact us to book your event or with any questions you might have.

Hours for Pretending:

Spring  AND Summer are  definitely busy with groups.  If you are a group that would like to do a field trip, please call us to make a reservation. We will do our very best to accommodate your group so that you have less of a crowd.  Also, if you are NOT a fan of big crowds, PLEASE FOLLOW OUR FACEBOOK PAGE for updates about groups/field trips that are scheduled to visit. 

We ARE moving. Currently, we are located at 100 Brown Street, #23 in the Downtown Plaza, but we needed to make a move to be able to improve the experience.  Our new location will be at 320 W Main Street, Middletown, in the Westporte Plaza.  We will have 1000 more square feet,  lots more parking, more conveniences and more visibility for everyone.  We will be in a plaza with Hardee’s, the HopYard, a pizza place, a Chinese Food Restaurant, an AT&T store, the US Post Office, a Wells Fargo Branch and another store will be coming in soon in that plaza. WE will be exactly ONE mile from the Airport Connector/283 ramp, which is also next to the Sharp Shopper, CVS, Sheetz and other stores to come in the near future.  We will also be convenient to Penn State – Harrisburg, and in the near future, an Amtrak station/stop.  This is huge for us.

Our GOAL is to be open until April 30th at the current location and then begin our transition to the new location on Wednesday, May 1st (since we are closed Wednesdays anyway).  It is possible that we will remain closed Thursday and Friday, but by Monday, May 6th, we will be open and ready for Pretenders!

When we DO open, we are going to keep our current hours for a few weeks, but will slowly adapt and modify as we figure out the demand. We may have Summer hours and then Winter hours.  Our goal is to be able to accommodate as many schedules as possible, but we also have to keep in mind cost effectiveness.

We would also like to keep our parties PRIVATE, but again, we have to be able to keep afloat.

We will update our progress on our move as we get closer to the time!

We would love for any of our current Pretenders, past Pretenders and future Pretenders to join us in keeping the DREAM alive !



  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday – 9am to 3pm

  • Wednesday – CLOSED
  • Saturday  –  Saturdays we will be open 9am – 1pm (Pre-reserved Parties begin at 2)
  • Sunday – CLOSED  (Except for RESERVED Birthday Parties and Group Events)

*** We will be closed on Thanksgiving Day,  Christmas Day,  and New Year’s Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day.

Please be aware that we often host large groups here.  If you do not enjoy a crowd, please check our Facebook page or call ahead to see if we have groups that day.  We post large groups on Facebook at the beginning of the week and a reminder each day we have a group. We encourage everyone to be aware of groups coming in for the day.  We will not turn you away when you get here on a group day, but you will not have the same experience you would have on a day we do NOT have a group.

On any day that we are open, the last admission is at 1 hour before the posted closing time.  During the week that is 2pm, and on Saturdays at 12pm.


If no one is playing at that time, we will close for the day.  No one will be admitted after that. We will not allow you to come in and pay a discounted rate because you came in late.  We feel that because we allow people to come in when we open and stay until we close on the same one time admission price, that allowing people to come with less than an hour to play wouldn’t make sense. More information

Let’s Pretend is a center for family entertainment! Children and adults can come to Let’s Pretend to play in our many different play areas. The target ages are 2-10, but we have witnessed children of all ages having lots of fun using their creativity and imagination. There is something for everyone here! Here’s when we’re open: Hours for pretending