Every Monday is Donation Day!  This means, if you come in to play on a Monday and you bring in a donation for Let’s Pretend, we will give you $1 off the price of admission for each person in your family.

Some donation ideas:  Dress up items ( Halloween costumes, uniforms, dress up shoes), arts and craft items (anything kids can glue on paper, or paint on),  household items from 60″s and 70’s, (we prefer nothing modern), metal lunchboxes, old textbooks, realistic stuffed animals, baby dolls and clothes and baby bottles, train pieces, old cameras, old luggage, medical supplies for the Vet office (unused bandages, non latex gloves) .   We also except food donations that we give to the Food Pantry. However you must bring as many cans/boxes of food that you have people in your family.  In other words, do not come with a family of 5 and bring 1 tiny can of sliced mushrooms.

Most of what we have and use at Let’s Pretend is recycled.  Recycled and Reused materials just go along with the concept of Let’s Pretend = providing the materials in each play area that are authentic.

Donation day discount cannot be combined with any other discounts. (vouchers, large group, etc.)