Field Trips/Summer Camps

We welcome your large group to come to Let’s Pretend for a Field Trip.  Please call us to reserve your field trip in advance.  We can accommodate groups of various sizes.  We offer a large group discount for your field trip experience if your group consists of 10 or more people. Large groups are eligible to pay $5 per person, which is a $2 savings per person.  The savings really add up – call us to reserve your large group/field trip  717-616-8426

Special Events

We can help you host other events, too.  Want to know if we can accommodate your event?  Just call us and we can work out the details.  Birthday parties do not count as a special event and are not eligible to be priced as a large group.

Mom’s Groups

Mom’s Groups can be eligible for a large group discount if they equal 10 adults and children or more (must be over the age of 1).  However, Mom’s Groups are not eligible to reserve Wednesdays.

Extra Notes:

Any group/field trip/ summer camp can come ANY DAY, it doesn’t have to be a Wednesday.  We are closed Wednesdays, but will open if your group can only make your trip on a Wednesday and you call AT LEAST 2 days prior and you ask really nicely!

Groups need to reserve ahead of time to make sure another large group isn’t already coming.  We try to announce large groups that are coming so that others can plan their visits accordingly.  Some people like a large group, others do not.  We want everyone to have an enjoyable experience at Let’s Pretend!

Always call to ask about reserving a time for your group OR to find out if there is a group coming  -717 616-8426

We often announce on Facebook, large groups that are scheduled to visit!  Like us on Facebook and you will have this information and other updates readily available!

Large group discount can not be combined with any other discount. You may not use any other coupons for admission if you are part of a large group.

*We ask for your cooperation in not planning large group outings  on holidays that schools are off for the day.  It gets WAY too busy and unenjoyable. If you call to reserve your large group on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, for example, we will ask you nicely to choose another time to come.  If your group just “shows up” on that day, you will NOT be given the large group discount.  You may still meet here and stay to play, but it will not be at the Large Group Discounted rate.  (this policy only applies to holidays).

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