Our daily rate for play is $7.00 per person.  Yes, we do charge for BOTH adults and children. (Refer to the About Page to learn more about the concept of Let’s Pretend)

We accept MOST  credit and debit cards, with the exception of American Express.

Children under 1 yr old are not charged admission.

Children that are 1, but are not walking yet, are not charged admission.

We do offer a military discount( for the adults that served) with proof of service. This only applies to a daily admission price.  We do not have a military discount for Birthday Parties.

For Birthday party rates, please go to the Parties tab on this website! We have recently updated the rates to include the rates for “pre reserved” extra party time, and the rate for going over the two hour party time without a prior reservation to add extra time.

Our Birthday  party deposit is $50. It is not refundable but it is not in addition to the party price. Once you have paid your deposit, your balance will be the price of  whatever type of party you are having minus $50. Your party is not secured without the $50 deposit.


The large group rate is $5 per person – but all members of your large group must be over age 1, you cannot count babies that you wouldn’t normally pay for as 1 of the 10 to get the group rate.  Large groups must have AT LEAST ten people to qualify for the group rate.  Not all large groups are eligible to reserve our “special” Wednesday event times.  Large groups must reserve in advance.

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