Q: How long can we stay?
A: For as long as we are open that day, Bring snacks or lunch with you and enjoy the day! Please give yourselves enough time to enjoy yourselves. We do not allow people to come in at the 1 hour mark before closing.  For example, if you are planning to play on a weekday, you must be here by 2 pm, Saturdays by noon.  If no one is here playing at that time, we will close for the day.  But also, if you arrive when we open, you may certainly stay until we close on that same admission price.

Q: Do adults have to pay?
A: Yes. We charge the same reasonable price of $7 for both children and adults because we figure that they will share the experience together; hence the name “Let’sPretend” – We are hoping this will be a fun, shared experience for everyone in the family.

Q: Do you have a membership club?
A: We do not offer a membership club at this time. We DO have a “frequent flyers” punch card that is free upon your first visit to Let’s Pretend. After five visits to Let’s Pretend, the sixth visit is free, then we start over again.

Q: Can we drop our child off at Let’sPretend?
A: No. At this time, Let’s Pretend is for family entertainment. Children must come come with a parent and Adults must come with a child. The concept is for adults and children to play together. We understand this may not be the case with all ages that come to play here, but adults must be here to supervise, if nothing else.

Q: What is the busiest day?
A: So far, our busy days are NOT Saturdays, but rather, Tuesdays and Thursdays. We are open everyday during the week from 9 to 3 (except Wednesdays).

Q: Are you open on Saturdays? Sundays?
A: Yes. Anyone can come in to play on Saturdays from 9am-1pm . The last admission is at noon. After 1, we are only open for RESERVED birthday parties. We are not open for play on Sundays. We had many more requests for more party time slots than we did for people coming to play on Sundays. We do two parties on Sundays, 12-2 and 3-5. All parties are by reservation only. All parties are private.  We will NOT allow people to have a makeshift birthday party here while we are open to the public. So, if you come to play, you will never have to worry about being part of birthday party chaos.

Q: Will you do a birthday party during the week?
A: Yes. We would allow birthday parties during the week. The same pricing structure would apply and we would have your party after business hours.

Q: What other kinds of discounts are offered?
We always offer $1 off each admission on Mondays for Donation Day. If you have any type of donations: arts and craft materials, costumes, items for the “playhouse” area, or nonperishable food items that we can donate to the food bank – if you have a donation, then we give you a discount – on Mondays! Also, thrifty people can periodically find us on different savings programs and coupon books.