Kerri and Rick – Owners and Operators

Kerri has a BS from Penn State in Infancy and Early Childhood Development and a Masters Degree in Education.

Kerri has worked in many capacities of early childhood for several years and for the last nine years has been developing the concept for Let’s Pretend.

Rick has worked in retail management for over twenty years, but has double that in creative talent. Rick is responsible for making the dream come alive in blood, sweat and paint!

Let’s Pretend is a play center. It was developed with the idea that adults and children would play together free of modern day distractions. We have no televisions, game systems or computers in our play areas. The theme is somewhat nostalgic and you will notice that we tried to use realistic items in all of our areas. Let’s Pretend is not a drop off center or a daycare center.  Let’s Pretend is not intended to be a “free for all” where you just come and sit and let the kids do whatever they want.  They NEED to be supervised.  You don’t have to hover over them, but you do need to be aware of what they are doing.   We want adults and children to use their imaginations and creativity so they can learn and laugh together. We want to hear the words, “Let’s Pretend we are ________.”

We have incorporated both new and used items in our center.  We TRY to be environmentally friendly where it works.  Our furniture and a lot of items have been constructed from recycled/reused materials.  It is a DIY project and we are very proud of it.  It goes along with the concept of Let’s Pretend – to be playing together in a low tech setting.  If you are expecting “state of the art” or museum like quality, you will NOT see that here.  We don’t feel it is necessary for children to have brand new items in order to use their imaginations.  Just come in for a visit – you’ll understand!

Kerri and Rick reside in Middletown with their four children; Grayson, Griffin, Carter and Kennedi. We look forward to meeting all of the Pretenders out there – Bringing back the art of pretending, one family at a time.

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