When can you have your party?


Technically, you can have your party ANY day of the week, AFTER our regular business hours.]

All of our parties are PRIVATE and always will be.  We will not allow people to have a party during our hours of business. Please do NOT bring in anything birthday related during our regular play hours. It makes others feel very uncomfortable.

Our typical party times are Fridays from 6 to 8pm, Saturdays at 2:00-4:00 and 5:00,-7:00pm  and Sundays at 12pm -2pm and 3pm-5pm . There is some flexibility on the Friday evening parties, but not on Saturday or Sunday.

All of our parties are 2 hours in length.  We cannot extend the time on most parties because of other parties coming in after yours .  If you reserve a party months ahead of time and want it to be longer, you need to tell us when you reserve the party.  We will NOT extend parties on the day of the party, but we will charge you $1 a minute if you are making NO attempt to end your party on time. You should start packing your things before the end time of the party. You do not need to CLEAN up, so ending on time should be easy.

If you are having a party with us, you will find out quickly that we take care of so many of the details that you will not need to do much more.  We will not allow people to gain entrance to their party more than 15 minutes early.  This means 1:45 and 4:45 on Saturdays,  11:45 and 2:45 on Sundays.  Please do NOT try to come in before those times, we will be working hard to get YOUR party set up after a morning of play, or between parties. It is very difficult to accomplish this task with people coming in to set up.  We will have your party area ready at the 15 minute mark if we have the time and space to do so. We also tell you this when we are helping to reserve the party and discussing  party details and confirmation of numbers a few days prior to the party.  Please do NOT become angry with us if you get here at 1:30pm for a 2pm party and the door is locked, it should not be a surprise as it is clearly outlined here AND we have told you this..  We are working hard to get the facility cleaned up and set up for your party. If you feel that 15 minutes is NOT enough time to set up for your party, please remember that we have already done MOST of the work by setting up the tables with the themed paper products you chose, and have hung color coordinated streamers and balloons. If you have that many extra decorations and details that you need longer than fifteen minutes to accomplish everything you want to do, you might want to tell your guests the party is at 2:30 – 4pm. (Still MUST end on time).

Also, it is imperative that people end the party on time.  You are reserving space for 2 hours. By NOT ending your party on time, and NOT being prepared to LEAVE ��at the ending time, you are shorting the next party of the same quality attention to detail that you had given to you if you were the first party. If you are the second party of the day, you still must end your party on time because we have other obligations( we have 4 children), AFTER we clean up from your party.

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