Can we have a birthday party on Saturday morning at 11am?

No.  We do not allow any parties to take place during our regular play hours.  We want all of our parties to be private (without the public in your space). We will not allow people to bring in presents or food or cake during our open hours.  We reserve the right to “shut it down” if we hear or see anything that resembles a birthday celebration.  It is not fair to others that are here playing to feel that they are intruding on your party AND it is not fair to people that have reserved and purchased a party package with us.  We will be GLAD to help you set up a fantastic and stress free party any time during our after hour party times!

Can we come as a large group (10 or more people) and have a party?

You may NOT do this.  At least, you may not have a birthday party.  Holiday parties can be arranged but must be reserved prior to your date and would include other fees besides the $5 per person LARGE GROUP discount rate.  We would treat it as a private party.


Can adults just come in and read and let the kids play?

You can, but that is NOT the concept of Let’s Pretend.  Also, we will still charge the adults to come in, but it is your choice whether you are going to play or sit and read. In other words, you cannot come in and say, “I have to pay for ME? But, I am not going to play.  I am just going to sit and play with my phone/read a book.”    You know coming into Let’s Pretend that it is meant to be an interactive place for adults and children to play together, and we expect that you will play and teach the children you have brought with you.  We also think you will enjoy yourself in our low tech, nostalgic play space.  We don’t expect people to play the whole time, but A LOT of adults do, and have a great experience.


What if I have a party scheduled and the weather is horrible?

First and foremost, we are concerned with everyone’s safety.  Having said that, we will do EVERYTHING in our power to hold your party during your reserved time.  If  it looks like the weather is going to be bad during your party time, we will do whatever we can to reschedule  a party that works for you and your guests.  We will not bump another party.  We will do WHATEVER we can to make your party happen.  We NEVER cancel parties and we live closeby so we will get here!  This is really an issue we have to deal with WHEN it happens.


Why aren’t you open in the evenings?

When we first opened in January of 2012, we were open late on 2 evenings and NO ONE ever came.  We feel that the typical demographic is young families with toddlers and young school age children.  We have 4 children also.  We feel that MOST people have activities (dance, karate, sports practices, etc) in the evenings and also are just getting home from work and school and don’t really want to venture out again during the week.  Our family is active in activities also and we want to spend as much time with them as we can outside of Let’s Pretend.


What happens if we come to play later in the day? Do we get a different rate?

No.  We are open 5  days a week for 4 to 6 hours  each day.  WE open at 9am during the week.  We do not charge by the hour, which works both ways…..You can easily come at 10 on a Saturday and stay until 2 for the same rate as if you stay for 1 hour. We have our hours posted and if you can’t get here until  1:57 on a Thursday afternoon, we do not lower the price for you to come in for one hour.  We advise that most people spend 1 1/2 to 2 hours on average.  WE allow you to stay for the whole day, so if you do that the next time you play, we feel it all even out